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PROXIA MES Data acquisition – Flawless data acquisition as the basis for CIP in production

Rising machine hour rates and the high level of wages in production mean that losses in the availability of machines, systems and personnel resources have a direct impact on business KPIs. The goal is to achieve higher efficiency. However, there is often a lack of systematic, documented records and analyzes that can be used to get to the bottom of these losses, to reduce them and significantly increase the utilization of machines and personnel. Therefore, the underlying basis of all optimization and decision-making processes is the collection of data on machines and systems, personnel, measurements & warehouse stocks and the combination of these factors.
It is crucial that none of these data acquisition methods is a standalone solution. All data must be linked and usable elsewhere (e.g. Control Room or Controlling). This data consistency and interaction is a prerequisite for sustainable CIP in the Smart Factory: PROXIA BDE production data acquisition, MDE machine data acquisition, ETKS employee timekeeping system, CAQ measurement capture and internal transport logistics capture all relevant data: manually (BDE) or automatically (MDE). They form the basis for analyzes, evaluations and controlling on a secure database, from which the correct optimization, time savings, improvements in quality, etc. can be derived.

PROXIA MES Data acquisition – Software Modules



BDE Production data acquisition



MDE Machine data acquisition



ETKS Employee timekeeping system



CAQ Measurement capture



Internal transport logistics

PROXIA MES Data acquisition – Highlights & Benefits

  • A user-friendly, intuitive acquisition control concept with manual input
  • Freely configurable status buttons with full flexibility and update capability
  • Connection of production support hardware (e.g. Scanner, RFID, etc.)
  • Multi-machine operation
  • Process large volumes of data or complex production structures, e.g. multi-pallet machines, pallet stations or production cells
  • All machines or systems can be connected – regardless of the production process, age of the equipment or machine/control type
  • A variety of evaluations are available immediately
  • Rapid handling of disruptions thanks to live data
  • Accurate costing in terms of required machine running times
  • Optimization of workflows and personnel costs

PROXIA PLUS: MES Data acquisition – Your added value

Support for data acquisition

Using PROXIA MES Data acquisition software, you can document and optimize processes and process results in complex production environments.

Consistency of modules

All PROXIA MES Data acquisition modules can be combined, thus creating the perfect symbiosis of different data acquisition methods.

Quick handling of disruptions

“Real time” data acquisition and visualization allows quick intervention in the production process.

Maintain and improve quality

Informative, accurate measurement data directly on the machine ensures maximum quality without losing valuable time, e.g. rework.

PROXIA MES Data acquisition – News & Use Cases


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