PROXIA OEE /KPI – The “hot wire” in your production

OEE/KPI Determination of key indicators – Analyzes, OEE and KPIs in real-time

PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Analysis statistics

Key Performance Indicators, KPIs for short, are key operating indicators that reflect the performance and efficiency of a company. They serve as benchmarks for the success or failure of a company. The currency of OEE key indicators plays an important role: If KPIs show that planning data cannot be met within the specified period, you can intervene to correct the process accordingly. This supports the continuous improvement process (CIP).

PROXIA KPI/OEE.web provides detailed reports on all relevant process factors for OEE analysis. The system takes automated reports from machines and systems (MDE), as well as manual reports (BDE), and feeds them into configurable calculation formulas. Connections, rules and dependencies can also be configured in PROXIA OEE software, as can the layout of analysis data.

Drill-down functions allow you to immediately recognize where the “cause of the problem” lies in your process and/or company. PROXIA KPIs are based on standardized calculation formulas and analyzes that comply with VDMA/DIN standard 66412 for KPI indicators.

PROXIA KPI.web - Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA KPI.web - Highlights and benefits at a glance

  • Process analyzes as the basis for the continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Standardized calculation formulas and definitions according to VDMA/DIN standard 66412
  • High-performance drill-down functions for localizing disruptions
  • Online key indicators (OEE) KPI key indicators
  • Quick availability
  • Minimal training costs
  • Quick connection of systems
  • Multilingual capability
  • Roles and rights system
PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Analysis

PROXIA KPI.web - Functions & Features

  • Precise information on the availability of machines and effectiveness of production (OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness) forms the basis of a successful (continuous) optimization process. With PROXIA KPI.web you get an OEE key indicator, one of the most telling indicators of the performance of a machine, production line or production cluster.

  • The OEE indicator shows efficiency losses immediately, which makes it possible to compare machines independently of the product being manufactured. The PROXIA OEE software KPI.web is a production-ready evaluation module, which represents the current OEE code. All relevant persons and departments are up-to-date and can react immediately.

  • The Microsoft.NET development platform and the Microsoft Silverlight Web browser plug-in guarantee a high degree of integration and a flexible, processor-oriented system architecture. The benefits are clear to the user: short introduction times with fast access to the desired company data from production. In addition, PROXIA KPI.web is the "hot wire" in the production and brings all information from the production directly in real time to the mobile terminal. KPI.web serves as the basis for all measures of the optimization process in the production environment.

PROXIA Product KPI.web example

PROXIA KPI.web – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Software impression 2
  • PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Software impression 3
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  • PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Software impression 10
  • PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Software impression 11
  • PROXIA Product OEE/KPI Software impression 12
    PROXIA Flyer KPI.web


    All current company processes can be evaluated, managed and corrected, if necessary using KPIs (e.g. OEE key indicators). PROXIA KPI.web offers all the advantages of a modern software solution to meet these requirements.

    • Business Intelligence for Production
    • Unique procedure management
    • Hybrid data processing technology
    • Quick implementation and great flexibility
    • Standardized analyzes (DIN standard 66412)

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    PROXIA PLUS: KPI.web – Your added value

    Costs under control

    Reducing downtimes and making optimum use of machines not only saves time, but also costs. Informative evaluations – in real-time – enable timely analyzes. Targeted control is therefore possible and does not tie up unnecessary machine capacities or personnel resources. You can thus deliver faster and more flexibly, and reduce your production costs.

    Autonomous system

    PROXIA KPI.web is not operated by employees. Once installed, it works automatically. PROXIA KPI.web is suitable for all systems in production – from individual machines to production lines and CNC machining. Connection to the relevant system is easy.

    Quick installation

    Just a few hours after installation and connection to the machine, you can already get an idea of performance data, errors and losses. All areas of a company are supported: Real-time information for shift operation; analyzes and key indicators for departments; management information for strategic decisions.

    € Benefit – profitability

    You can significantly increase system capacities thanks to improved efficiency and transparency. Reductions in production and quality costs and delivery flexibility are achieved through shorter throughput times. More accurate planning and calculation also reduces costs.

    PROXIA KPI.web – News & Use Cases


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