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Cutting-edge MES-Software – Maximum performance, integration capability and expandability

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Producing small batch sizes with a high degree of customization and high quality both economically and on time – these are today’s challenges for production companies to remain competitive in the age of Industry 4.0. However, if you want to stay competitive today, it’s not just competitors that you need to focus on. It’s also important to recognize developments and trends and to run with them. IT and software have long been a factor in production and manufacturing.

Using the latest, innovative MES-Software solutions to network production and support companies in the sustained expansion of their production IT to become a Smart Factory – that is PROXIA’s main task. The modular design and high integration capability of PROXIA MES-Software is the basis of a sustainable MES-Software solution. All PROXIA MES modules can be implemented and used individually and expanded step by step into the overall solution. In combination, the overall solution provides maximum performance as a holistic production system. The key factor is ONE central database with which all MES modules are networked. Individually adapted to different industries and companies, PROXIA MES-Software provides more transparency, consistency and efficiency for various production processes and flows - paving the way to a Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

Innovative PROXIA MES-Software technologies – in detail

PROXIA XI Gateway – Central “data provider” for secure data transfer via OPC-UA

Industry 4.0 systems communicate mainly via OPC-UA, but many machines and systems only communicate on the basis of other technologies. The PROXIA XI Gateway solves this problem. This module transforms different communication modes and protocols into OPC-UA. For example, the XI Gateway prepares data which has been captured using MTConnect so that it can be read by the OPC-UA client. The data source remains MTConnect, but the user enjoys the benefits of OPC-UA. For example, network failures can be compensated by the use of HA technology (Historical Access), or data transmission security can be significantly enhanced by the functions integrated into OPC-UA.

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PROXIA Cloud and MES – hybrid application for optimal cloud use in an MES context

PROXIA MES operates DDA technology (Distributed Data Architecture). This enables the benefits of central data warehousing to be combined with the advantages of cloud-based storage of data. For any kind of data, the user can decide whether it should be saved locally within the company IT infrastructure or in an external cloud, e.g. Microsoft Azure. This process allows e.g. product, sensitive or critical data to remain within the company’s “four walls”. Certain system telemetry data can be saved in parallel in the cloud to e.g. make data available to external service providers. The data can be even be written directly to the cloud through the use of an MQTT gateway (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

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PROXIA Control Room/Detailed Planning – state-of-the-art software algorithms for maximum performance

PROXIA Control Room includes state-of-the-art software algorithms for maximum performance in multi-resource planning and control of production scenarios. Plan even the most complex production processes with multi-resource planning quickly and easily. “Night runs” in planning and simulation are a thing of the past. An optimal planning result is achieved through the automatic allocation of machines. Manual adjustment using drag & drop in real time is also possible. PROXIA Control Room independently determines the optimum sequence of orders and tasks to be processed/executed, e.g. for ideal machine setup times. Automatic incorporation of multi-resources such as personnel, machines, material, tools and tasks makes work easier and eliminates potential errors.

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PROXIA MDE/BDE – Ergonomic software design for easy operation

The self-explanatory and individually configurable BDE/MDE software interface promises simple intuitive operation. Consistent and complete entry of processes and resulting optimization shortens production times. Employees also have an overview of the current status and any change in real-time. This allows them to quickly respond to disruptions in production. Improve your CIP: fewer error messages, higher user acceptance, complete transparency, BDE and MDE in one interface, MES operating concepts and early warning system – all in one single system!

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PROXIA Dynamic Reporting – maximum configurability for needs-based information

Generation Y (14 to 25 years of age) is leading by example. Thanks to constant communication via smartphone and WhatsApp groups, we can respond quickly and flexibly to unforeseen events in a targeted manner. PROXIA MES also consistently follows this path in the industrial shop floor environment. Thanks to individual configurability, the dynamic MES Notification System provides the right people with the right information at the right time, in the right quantity, and in the right place. This information supplements classic production and machine data. This is how PROXIA MES modules enable employees to achieve their targets quicker and more reliably, despite internal and external disruptions.

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PROXIA software operating concepts – cutting-edge software ergonomics for high user acceptance

PROXIA provides various MES user groups with different software operating concepts with optional needs-based user ergometry: Employees who spend a large part of their working day in the office on planning and controlling tasks, and who use standard office software daily, e.g. Production Managers, Planning Engineers or Assembly Managers, find a structure in the MES Manager operating concept with which they are already familiar from products such as e.g. Microsoft Outlook. Employees in production are mainly engaged in operating machines or assembly work. User-friendly PROXIA BDE software interfaces support their work and increase the acceptance of production IT. PROXIA MES Monitoring is mainly aimed at employees who want to access important data from production online using mobile devices. Based on the established interface design of Microsoft Windows 10, PROXIA Modern-XI uses tile-like buttons which are designed for touch control. Thanks to the clear visual design, important information such as machine statuses can be checked at a glance.

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PROXIA Early Warning System – a modern IT-based foundation for CIP

Problems in production and assembly can be identified early and their causes eliminated using the integrated PROXIA BDE early warning system for numerous parameters. The PROXIA BDE-System gives production companies reliable and accurate insight into production by capturing a wide range of production data. This information allows managers, as well as production staff to respond quickly to disruptions.

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PROXIA KPI.web – a web-based software application that can be used regardless of hardware and operating system

PROXIA mainly focuses on cutting-edge web-based software solutions in the field of production, as well as KPI visualization in production control. Individual web-based software opens up entirely new possibilities for you. No more reliance on operating systems! Web-based software solutions are not dependent on operating systems or the location of a PC. No basic installation or updates need to be carried out by PROXIA on respective PCs as this is done centrally on the server or browser. Even local backups or administration of individual clients is handled by central administration via web interfaces. This allows you to achieve complete hardware and operating system independence, be mobile and flexible, and save on expensive "ad-hoc" administrators!

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PROXIA Online Monitoring – Smart Factory visualization, live and mobile

PROXIA Monitor.web software is available as a desktop and web application, and can therefore be used as a mobile application on tablets or smartphones. It is completely platform-independent, and can run on any web browser. User-friendly operation because PROXIA Modern XI is based on the Microsoft WIN 10 operating philosophy. The clear visualization and operating concept keeps training requirements to a minimum and ensures high user acceptance at Workplace 4.0 in a modern Smart Factory.

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PROXIA hybrid data processing technology – maximum stability and efficiency

Modern PROXIA software technologies enable the appropriate balance between performance, stability, security and efficiency during operation, thanks to hybrid in-memory databases. Faster data access and avoiding data redundancy are advantages by which hybrid PROXIA software technology supports company efficiency in handling production databases.

  • Awarded the <span class=BITMi seal of approval "Software Made in Germany"">
  • PROXIA Cloud & MES –  <span class=Optimum cloud usage in the MES context!">
  • OPC-UA: PROXIA standardizes <span class=M2M data exchange">
  • PROXIA . Modern-XI <span class=The new operating concept in BDE/MDE applications">
  • Awarded the BITMi seal of approval "Software Made in Germany"

    100% service. 100% quality. 100% future. The BITMi seal of approval "Software Made in Germany" guarantees the customer precisely these three success parameters. The MES software by PROXIA Software AG from Ebersberg near Munich has now been awarded this seal of quality by the IT Federal Association for medium-sized businesses. The prerequisite for the award is not just "Made in Germany". Well-thought-out design, tried and tested solutions, mature production processes, constant innovation and competent customer service are criteria that are also carefully examined.

    "We are very pleased to have received an award for a technologically modern and user-friendly MES solution that we are continuously developing in Germany exclusively on our own," said Julia Klingspor, CEO of PROXIA Software AG.

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  • PROXIA Cloud & MES – Optimum cloud usage in the MES context!

    The customer-oriented, new "SaaS concept" (Software as a Service) is fully in line with the trend, especially the Industry 4.0 idea. That is, the software is provided by an external service provider, e.g. on-site, hosted and offered. The customer only obtains the service of the service over the Internet and does not have to worry about the hardware anymore.

    It seems an ideal solution. Nevertheless, it raises the question of whether all the data must be or should be managed in this way? In the context of MES, PROXIA has a meaningful and practicable solution with its hybrid cloud concept:

    • Scalable storage solutions using the latest cloud technologies
    • Sensitive and time-sensitive data remains in the private core database of your company
    • Cloud data provisioning for targeted external use outside the company
    • Compliance with the highest privacy standards combined with the greatest possible flexibility and storage scaling
    • Hybrid operation of both concepts as the basis for Industry 4.0: secure, scalable, flexible and complete

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  • OPC-UA: PROXIA standardizes M2M data exchange

    As part of the Industry 4.0 philosophy, OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) has become the new data exchange standard for secure, reliable manufacturer and platform-independent industrial communication. It allows data exchange between products from different manufacturers, independent of operating systems. Thanks to its versatility, OPC-UA can be used for all communication in production. PROXIA now provides a fully-integrated and highly configurable OPC-UA client in its MES solution.

    • Reliable and secure data acquisition and modeling
    • Data exchange between products from different manufacturers, independent of the operating system
    • Fully integrable into existing infrastructure, even older control systems
    • More flexibility in data exchange between SPS and MES thanks to “real-time communication”
    • Maximum failure backup through Historical Access (e.g. when network connection is lost)
    • Almost unlimited scaling: Component configuration for individual requirements
    • Maximum data and transmission security: secure, encryptable and advanced certificates
    • Minimal system integration costs thanks to the use of ONE common architecture

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  • PROXIA . Modern-XI The new operating concept in BDE/MDE applications

    The new cutting-edge PROXIA BDE/MDE operating concept Modern-XI is based on the established interface design of the new Microsoft Windows 10. PROXIA Modern-XI is mainly designed for touch control, and therefore has a purist, very clear visual design that puts important information, e.g. machine status, at the centre of the display. Modern-XI uses tile-like buttons, whose caption, content and color change based on current events, e.g. machine statuses. The user should therefore be able to view information at a glance without having to click on anything else.

    • Enhanced user friendliness for touch control in BDE and MDE applications
    • Improved clarity by focusing on key content in icon, color and text form
    • Intuitive user guide for easy data entry, almost no training requirement and high user-acceptance
    • Modern tile design with gestures and multi-touch control, based on Windows 8
    • Overview of machine statuses and quicker access to key information
    • Maximum scope for customization, configurable to the respective user and easy administration

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