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PROXIA MES – The leading MES system for production

With a smooth and seamless workflow, from the ERP system through production planning to the shop floor, you bring clarity to your highly complex production tasks. It is also a prerequisite for Industry 4.0. The PROXIA MES system (MES-Software/MES Solution) with its software modules MES planning, MES data acquisition
and MES analysis is the link between company management and production and the key to a smart factory – from production planning to data acquisition through to MES monitoring and key indicators (KPIs), e.g. OEE – paving the way to a future-proof factory and workplace 4.0 in the smart factory.

PROXIA MES-Software – Software Modules



ERP/PPS Communication



PROXIA Manager

Control room


Control room/Detailed planning



PEP Personnel resources planning



BDE Production data acquisition



MDE Machine data acquisition

Process Data


Process data capture



ETKS Employee timekeeping system



CAQ Measurement capture



Internal transport logistics



MES Monitoring



OEE/KPI Analysis



TPM Maintenance/Repair



DNC Software



MES Hardware solutions

Tool data


Tool & Data management

PROXIA MES-Software – Highlights & benefits

  • MES-Software Modules cover all MES processes in your production as a link between ERP and machine, and therefore fill information gaps. All the right information at the right time in the right place - in real time! The integrated MES database, intuitive operation and high-performance software functionality deliver greater productivity at all levels of the value chain.
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  • The PROXIA MES solution is modular and can be adapted to the individual requirements of your company. This can be the integration into an existing system, or the replacement of a single isolated solution - in a medium-sized company, such as a large corporation, which does not yet use any MES-Software.
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  • With the PROXIA MES system you are always up-to-date and can react quickly and correctly to incidents. Instead of preventing the worst with "troubleshooting", your highly qualified employees concentrate on their actual tasks with the right action management. PROXIA MES-Software improves your schedule, increases productivity in your production – and especially your competitiveness!
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  • Through the use of PROXIA MES-Software, you streamline your production and optimize process flows as well as the organization. An almost paperless processing of numerous processes in the production ensures effective production management in your company.
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  • On the road as flexible as in your own company on site? On the way to the smart factory, this is important and essential at the same time: control your production at any time at any location and profit from the possibility of direct intervention. With PROXIA MES-Software, mobile monitoring of your production processes is possible.
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PROXIA MES Industry Solutions

  • From practical experience to practical implementation! At PROXIA, the focus is not only on maximum IT or MES software expertise, but also on specific solutions for your industry. We have tailored solutions for companies in discrete manufacturing – focusing on different sectors, e.g. machine/plant construction, contract manufacturing, automotive, tool and mold construction, as well as the plastics and chemical industries.

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Innovative PROXIA software technologies

  • Producing small batch sizes with a high degree of customization and high quality both economically and on time – these are today’s challenges for production companies to remain competitive in the age of Industry 4.0. Using the latest, innovative MES software solutions to network production and support companies in the sustained expansion of their production IT to become a Smart Factory – that is PROXIA’s main task.

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PROXIA Prospect MES-Software

PROXIA MES Software product overview – the MES system for lean production

The core product portfolio of PROXIA MES software solutions includes MES planning, data acquisition, monitoring, as well as analysis, evaluation, and control of key production indicators. The company's range of services includes development, sales, support, installation, training, and MES consulting. PROXIA Software AG is a certified SAP partner and provides data consistency from business processes to shop floor level through vertical and horizontal integration of MES solutions from a single source.

Complete MES process structures can be formed using the PROXIA MES software products, MES Control Room, Shop Floor Management, MDE, BDE, ETKS, CAQ, TPM, online monitoring and OEE/KPI key indicator identification, and merged at ERP/PPS level – paving the way for a smart factory and Industry 4.0. The interface-free, requirement-based system structure provides the customer with a short integration period, and therefore high and quick ROI on MES software investment.

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PROXIA PLUS: MES-Software – Your added value


Quick and easy monitoring of the efficiency and productivity of your company is guaranteed with PROXIA MES. You can optimize capital utilization by activating unused resources. Performance comparison (benchmarks) and key indicator analyzes (KPI/OEE) contribute towards an increased CIP.

Manufacturing/Production managers

Machine and system efficiency can be optimized in terms of CIP. The early identification and resolution of undesirable developments in production prevents machine downtime and improves quality. In addition, the resulting transparency along the value chain means fewer resources are wasted (lean production).

Quality manager/Maintenance manager

PROXIA MES ensures easier monitoring and documentation of product quality. CIP also plays a significant role at this level. Continuous improvement measures can be controlled here. Waste is reduced through quick action in case of accidents/breakdowns. Maintenance intervals can be planned significantly better.

Machine/System supervisors

Constant monitoring of the production process ensures planned production deadlines can be met and a quicker response to malfunctions/breakdowns. Work is much easier thanks to paperless production. You benefit from improved documentation and information on production data and process flows.

PROXIA MES-Software – News & Use Cases

  • Saarschmiede GmbH User Report

    Saarschmiede GmbH User Report

    15% improvement in on-time-delivery with MES

    Successful business transformation for improved competitiveness: By introducing an MES scheduling system for detailed planning on the shop floor, Saarschmiede GmbH was able to improve its on-time-delivery (OTD) by around 15%.

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  • Big hitters of the process engineering industry talk to P&A

    Big hitters of the process engineering industry talk to P&A

    Statement by Torsten Wenzel: Maintaining an overview

    “Success is largely measured by the opinions of customers who test and run with a solution from scratch every day. Our main motivation is therefore to bring marketable innovations to the table as quickly as possible,” says T. Wenzel.

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  • PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project

    PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project

    Maturity-based migration to CPPS for SMEs

    PROXIA got involved in the “ADAPTION” research project to support small to medium-sized companies in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies.

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  • Steeltec User Report

    Steeltec User Report

    Hot steel planning with a cool head

    Vast benefits with minimal administration By using PROXIA MES, Steeltec was able to reduce its set-up times by up to 50%, and its productivity by up to 15%.

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  • Blefa GmbH User Report

    Blefa GmbH User Report

    MES gets the barrels rolling

    Better availability with MES: Blefa Beverage Systems uses PROXIA MDE/BDE with OPC-UA data communication in production. This provides more accurate piece-count output data and increases productivity by 15%.

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  • Smart Code

    Smart Code

    Süddeutsche Zeitung reports: Award for PROXIA

    PROXIA Software AG leads companies into their digital future, and is one of the 100 leading companies throughout Germany. The Ebersberg company has now been recognised for its work at the German SME Summit. Süddeutsche Zeitung reports...

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