PROXIA awarded “Best Shop Floor Management Solution Provider 2021”

PROXIA awarded “Best Shop Floor Management Solution Provider 2021”

PROXIA awarded “Best Shop Floor Management Solution Provider 2021”

PROXIA awarded “Best Shop Floor Management Solution Provider 2021”

Industry Era Magazine presents PROXIA with award for innovative technology providers

As one of the “10 Best Shop Floor Management Solution Providers of 2021”, PROXIA Software AG from Ebersberg near Munich was presented with the annual international award sponsored by Industry Era Magazine. PROXIA scored particularly well when it came to the new innovative “Digital twinning of enhancements with the PROXIA OEE/CIP method”.

“10 Best Shop Floor Management Solution Providers of 2021” – this annual award presented by Industry Era Magazine in the USA, showcases companies in the areas of technology, vision, corporate philosophy, and good practice. coupled with the outstanding performances of the participating companies with regard to innovative products or unique solutions.

PROXIA Software AG specialises in the development and implementation of MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) for the optimisation of production processes. The crowning achievement of this “Best Shop Floor Management Solution Provider” was its new “Digital twinning of enhancements with the PROXIA OEE/KVP method” solution. This method helps increase production output enormously, and provides a significance boost to production efficiency, according to the tagline: More production output: Red becomes colorful! The PROXIA OEE/CIP method, based on operational data acquisition enhanced by messenger services and PROXIA measure management, shows where the potential can really be found on the shop floor. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the key production figure that all production supervisors keep a close eye on. Put simply, OEE is the product of availability, performance and quality of a machine network. However, the contributions to OEE - typically between 75% and 100% - have varying effects, especially when it comes to tirelessly increasing the OEE in the spirit of MES and Kaizen.

PROXIA designed a completely new, innovative solution for valid indicators and data from production as the foundation of the continuous improvement process (CIP) in companies. In addition to all this, the provider integrated a unique action management system into its MES solution to define target-based actions, and monitor them for implementation and effectiveness through the use of software.

As a technology trendsetter, PROXIA offers transformable, in-house MES products with a cutting-edge design, ergonomic user interface and modular concept for a sustainable, consistent MES total solution that grows with your company’s requirements. Individual MES software products with a high level of standardization ensure short implementation times with rapid integration into production, and a short payback period for the MES investment. This is the basis of PROXIA’s success as a “Provider of Flawless Production”, a solution provider for today’s challenges facing almost every customer, including:

  • Maximum flexibility regarding the use and capacity utilisation of production resources, i.e. people, machines, and materials, during the current pandemic.
  • Rapidly implemented roadmaps and practical solutions as part of the digitisation strategy and the drive to go digital in relation to the current pandemic (home office workstations, social distancing, more flexible and dynamic personnel resources, short-time work, internal communication, etc.)

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