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BDE for greater digital maturity in the workplace

PROXIA News Amazonification

Countering “Amazonification” in production

The pressure is mounting. The Amazon strategy of “Click now, and the goods are on your doorstep tomorrow at low prices”, is also making its way into production operations. WhatsApp type messenger services in PROXIA BDE ensure that work preparation needs can be met on time, despite greater product variety and time pressures.

Amazon has pioneered the system and production operations need to adapt. The e-commerce giant provides a huge product range at the consumer’s fingertips, and appeals to customers with its fast delivery service within two days or less (“Amazonification”), all at attractive prices and exceptional quality of course. For production operations, this means even greater product variety and rising cost pressures due to shorter turnaround times. Moaning and worrying doesn’t help, but integration of seamless end-to-end processes, even in production, and equipping operators with the digital tools for the job will help counter this trend: Any digitisation strategy must have the employee as its focus. PROXIA Software AG has therefore implemented messenger services in its solutions for operating data acquisition, in order to make information transfer easier via short communication channels depending on the process. This not only enables employees to exchange information between themselves, but also allows the system itself to play an active part in this information provision process. Imagine that you get a “WhatsApp” from your car which informs you that the screen wash tank is almost empty. This information is not sent to every member of the family of course, just those who are responsible for buying such things. Translating this concept to future production operations, this means that a machine communicates with its maintenance technician if there are breakdowns. At the same time, the CAQ process communicates with the QS department because scrap has been produced at some point. In short, the inseparable digital combination of production resources and processes starts to communicate with its environment. This interoperability between people, processes, and digital entities, forms the basis of the digital future of production.

PROXIA BDE – the answer to the issue of “Amazonification” in production

In responding to “Amazonification”, it is important as a first step that work preparation requirements (“plan”) can actually be implemented through an ERP or better still, an MES. MDE and BDE provide direct feedback from production. An ERP-type BDE is only used though to report positive results from production, as well as set-up times or how long a machine is in operation. This allows costs to be calculated and, if necessary, to prepare the ground for a recalculation. However, an ERP-type BDE provides no information on why the availability of the machine pool is so low. Marcus Niebecker, MES Solutions Product Manager at PROXIA Software AG, explains: “PROXIA BDE supplies production staff with real time information for immediate tasks, and gives them to chance to provide feedback if there’s something amiss.” The highly flexible PROXIA infrastructure solution ensures that production has the tools to tackle “Amazonification” and to optimise machine availability. PROXIA BDE enables operators to carry out the work preparation plan where there are problems. The requirements of the plan are shown, for example, when tool set-up needs to start, but information on the quantities already produced by pre-processing is also displayed. If there are delays, the operator can decide whether to start set-up at the specified time or not. In the end, this means that the processing centre is only out of action for a certain period of time. The PROXIA Software AG messenger services enable operators to improve operationally (increased digital maturity) by being able to request help if required via the operating data acquisition system.


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