PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project


Maturity-based migration to CPPS for SMEs

PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project: Maturity-based migration to CPPS for SMEs

The MES software manufacturer PROXIA Software AG from Ebersberg near Munich has been consistently involved in research projects for many years. Participation in the most recent project, “ADAPTION”, was also a major milestone in the development of a self-evaluation tool and a model for gradual migration to a cyber-physical production system (CPPS) for SMEs. The goal: To support small to medium-sized companies in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies.

Industry 4.0 is changing the face of production dramatically, and SMEs in particular require specific support to benefit from the new opportunities and to remain competitive. The idea was to pursue a holistic approach, i.e. taking the aspects of technology, organisation and personnel (T-O-P) into account and integrating them. The aim was clearly defined: The development and testing of a maturity-based process model, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises in developing a cyber-physical production system, and defining a tailored development path. The optimal target status is individually defined for each company, based on benefit and efficiency.

The model developed over three years, which has been tested among application partners under real conditions, turned “ADAPTION” into a software solution. This interactive tool supports companies throughout the migration process, from determining the actual status to defining and implementing the necessary measures to achieve the individual target status, and therefore the specific Industry 4.0 vision. As the success of operational change processes hinges largely on employee participation and communication, it was important to consider the “Personnel” dimension during development. This involved continuous support and development of the required staff skills.

Introduction of an MES into SMEs

The task of the “ADAPTION” project was to help application partners to select suitable IT instruments. The MES sector is just one minor aspect of the Industry 4.0 landscape. PROXIA Software AG was involved in the research project with reference to two specific points. Firstly, due to PROXIA’s many years of experience on the market, recommendations for action were offered during studies at application partners, so that mistakes were not repeated. Secondly, the modularity of individual systems were tested.

Benefits of the ADAPTION project

The ADAPTION project addressed the design and development of a software system, which may help to determine the current and target status of the company, plan the necessary operations for filling existing gaps, and to monitor and evaluate progress. A key aspect of these changes is the employee himself, whose skills need to be developed.

In summary, the ADAPTION system offers companies a way to solve their problems themselves. The focus is on industrial application scenarios in work planning and project management, as well as the development of skills among the affected occupations. Employees must therefore be given training options on how to handle new technologies.


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