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Süddeutsche Zeitung reports: Award for PROXIA

There are many parameters that production firms can tweak to save costs. More than ever, companies are now required to produce sustainably and efficiently, the main objective being to remain globally competitive. However, supervisory staff cannot monitor every area at the same time, and indeed, now they don’t have to. PROXIA software from Ebersberg takes on the task of controlling and monitoring production processes on behalf of businesses. Using smart software, they collect and process machine data. A number of issues are addressed: How long does a machine work on a piece? When does it need to be maintained? Süddeutsche Zeitung summarises the issues in an updated report.

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PROXIA has received the TOP100 Award, Best Technology Solutions Provider and the "Software Made in Germany" seal of approval.

PROXIA TOP100-Innovationspreis
PROXIA Best Shop Floor Management Solution Provider 2021
PROXIA Awarded the BITMi seal of approval Software Made in Germany