PROXIA News with PROXIA MES to a smart factory

With PROXIA MES to a smart factory - on course to Industry 4.0

PROXIA News with PROXIA MES to a smart factory

PROXIA as an Industry 4.0 innovator

The fourth industrial revolution – PROXIA as a major reformer!

  • Industry 4.0, the German visionary concept that involves networking modern management level IT with a digitized signal and data acquisition from the production level
  • Companies that put this networking into practice are reforming as “smart factories” and are thus at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution
  • PROXIA will contribute to practical implementation projects through its MES developments

Position of MES modules in Industry 4.0

  • “Smart factory” is the continuous exchange of information between planning management and operational processes
  • The MES system is the interface at the dividing line between these two process levels
  • PROXIA MES data acquisition modules (MDE/BDE) enable information transfer from the heterogeneous production environment to centralized data storage
  • PROXIA MES planning modules provide feedback to the existing commercial ERP/PPS system, and supply current planning and organisational information to this central location
  • PROXIA MES analysis and visualization modules provide concise information according to requirements

Smart handling of mass data

  • Innovative development by PROXIA for handling large volumes of data
  • The general conditions for this are specified in the process; taking these into account, PROXIA offers smart, powerful MES solutions that enable SMEs to join the fourth industrial revolution without compromise

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