PROXIA News Andon Board digital and visual management

PROXIA Andon Board – digital, visual management

PROXIA News Andon Board digital and visual management

Digital standard in visual management

PROXIA is answering the needs of the discrete manufacturing sector and is expanding its MES online monitoring with the new, innovative Andon application. This development of the basic Andon concept - a widely used method of visual management, to immediately show the current production status of a machine or entire value chain to all those involved in the process - eliminates the drawbacks which led to the “old” Andon Board becoming obsolete. This new functionality brings standardized company IT to the machine and system level of serial production:

Standard monitors save costs

  • Abandoning conventional LED panels leads to flexible use and saves expensive acquisition costs
  • Status panels within the company network are visualized on TFT screens, meaning that serial hardware interfaces are no longer needed

Server solution creates central transparency and administration

  • Installed as a software application on a central server and visualized on clients in real time, allows all those involved to see current productivity status at all times
  • MDE modules provide all relevant data for the Andon application
  • The system is administered centrally by the IT department, which saves maintenance time and costs

Consistent, cross-department visual management

  • Current production status can be displayed individually within PROXIA Online-Monitoring
  • Column or line graphs for PC users and concise graphs for smartphone or tablet users improve the flow of information
  • The standardized source of information from Andon Board to smartphone display guarantees data security and transparency

Consistent, cross-department visual management

PROXIA “reinvents” the classic Andon Board - as a software solution in the machine environment. The clear, concise display of real time information significantly increases employee motivation, and ensures consistent visualization throughout production. The ability to generate analyses of all machines and systems, as well as reports on shift, daily, weekly and quarterly evaluations, makes the PROXIA Andon Board a tool that can help manage a company more efficiently and innovatively.


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