PROXIA News KPI.web Online key indicators in real time

PROXIA KPI.web – Online key indicators in real time

PROXIA News KPI.web Online key indicators in real time

Web-based Business Inteligence

Business Intelligence overcomes the organizational barrier from business level to the shop floor. Supervisors and production managers can directly access current key indicators and analysis charts from production at meetings. Printed Excel tables or handwritten journals are a thing of the past. Successful production companies are characterized by agility in their production processes. This characteristic relies on up-to-date real-time information from production. Current order progress or order backlogs which are already evident at this point must be quickly identified, so the appropriate action can be taken. The recently-established Bavarian software company, PROXIA Software AG has been running with this topic, and can offer its customers a comprehensive software solution. PROXIA KPI.web is the “brainchild” of the German software developer and joins the classic PROXIA MES-software modules, MDE/BDE, control room/detailed planning, PEP/personnel resources planning, MES monitoring, ETKS and CAQ. Technical challenges coupled with the lifestyle demands of the rapidly growing iPhone/iPad generation were the basis for the development of PROXIA KPI.web.

Classic data warehousing or in-memory technology – PROXIA KPI.web combines both!
Quick analysis of very large volumes of data without losing sight of data security is of major importance in industrial applications. Purely in-memory applications still beg the question: What happens if the server crashes? If data is lost, classic data warehouse concepts cannot achieve required performance when accessing data. PROXIA software development has opted for hybrid data processing technology. By doing so, maximum data security has been achieved through a relational database in the background. Calculation results and output data for analyses are kept by server-based caching in-memory. Access times are significantly reduced and chart templates can be changed in real time.


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