digital AGENDA in an Interview with Marcus Niebecker

Turned on its head

digital AGENDA in an Interview with Marcus Niebecker

Marcus Niebecker in an interview for digital AGENDA

Is MES still needed if Industry 4.0 turns the automation pyramid on its head? Marcus Niebecker, Product Manager at PROXIA, has his own opinion.

Marcus Niebacker from PROXIA speaks to the industry magazine digital AGENDA and answers questions such as “What characterises an innovative MES solution in terms of System Architecture?”, or “Will automation in companies turn everything on its head?” He does not believe that the automation pyramid as we know it today will be turned around. It is more likely to change its shape, since from a communication perspective, a definable top and bottom will no longer exist. What is certain is that the work of the MES will change. The times when a conventional MES gathers data from the control and process level (“pull principle”) and forwards this to the ERP level (“push principle”) will soon be outdated.

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