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PROXIA in focus: MES in the context of Industry 4.0

The new era of global competition, high costs and tight deadlines presents new challenges for production companies. Requirements regarding process and production optimization are highly complex; the starting point and objectives of individual companies vary widely: It may be that a company is in transition from a small business to an industrial corporation, or it must tackle the increasing shortage of skilled workers or increasing individualization and resulting reduction in batch sizes. Rigid vertical process integration that was often previously seen in a pyramid scheme is a thing of the past, and a far more dynamic model is now required of ERP - from production planning, right through to shop-floor level. Under the Industry 4.0 concept, there is a paradigm shift towards the integrated networking of machines, systems, people and the corresponding process levels of a company, for which PROXIA provides key support with its MES solutions.

Modern MES for the smart factory: PROXIA

Controlling complex “smart” processes and combining this with a high degree of adaptability requires IT systems that can be flexibly adapted to changes in the product and production environment through configuration. As an MES solution provider, combined with its extensive experience in production optimization, standardized software products and a high degree of expertise in project implementation, PROXIA has the necessary know-how to successfully implement Industry 4.0 projects and meet the challenges of IoT, Big Data and Smart Data.

With PROXIA MES, production becomes “lean”, on schedule, efficient, flexible and customer-oriented, with the industrial company more successful and more competitive on the market in the long-term. PROXIA MES improves production planning, creates greater transparency and controlled processes, provides KPIs, analyses and reports - regardless of the industry, and can be flexibly adaptable to individual production processes - on the way to implementing lean production, a smart factory and Industry 4.0.

PROXIA MES for a continuous improvement process (CIP)

PROXIA MES-Software handles all production data within a company. Together with ERP, it creates seamless transparency for all employee and management levels. Whether fully-automated or manual, PROXIA MES-Software provides all methods of data acquisition – regardless of control type, age or production method – to manage operating and strategic targets. You can respond to changes in the market quickly and flexibly. You’ll always be one step ahead of the competition!

PROXIA, your MES solution partner with key advantages and benefits:

The most productive CIP system in the world

Evaluate and control improvement processes using PROXIA MES-Software. PROXIA MES-Software supports teams in process improvement management, is simple and saves time.

The right information instead of useless data

The rising tide of data requires the correct data and information at the right time, in the right place to the right recipient. This applies in analysis, as well as the targeted distribution of information. PROXIA MES provides managers and team leaders with key analyses and indicators.

Fully-automated controlling

Based on a standardized database, PROXIA MES-Software provides a target-based comparison of your production in real-time, and ensures long-term analysis of key indicators incl. monitoring defined targets.


Maintaining and expanding the expertise of employees is of key importance. This is ensured by two-way man-machine communication and a central MES database. This also helps prevent considerable potential for error.

Cross-plant transparency thanks to a standardized database

Create transparency across multiple locations. This is achieved by comparing key indicators, both hierarchically as well as e.g. cross-plant benchmarking.

Universal data acquisition for all operating areas

With PROXIA MES-Software you can choose your data acquisition method – from fully-automated to manual. Connecting older machines, different control types and assembly lines is no problem, whether for serial or one-off production.

News & Updates

  • Real vs. ideal: The PROXIA brownfield approach

    Real vs. ideal: The PROXIA brownfield approach

    Convert grown machine parks to smart factories

    Greenfield vs. Brownfield: To convert machine parks that have grown over time into smart factories as part of a practice-oriented and efficient digital transformation.

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  • More production output: Red becomes colorful!

    More production output: Red becomes colorful!

    Digital twin of improvement measures with the PROXIA OEE/CIP method

    The PROXIA OEE method shows where the potential is on the shop floor based on operational data acquisition enhanced by messenger services, combined with measure management.

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  • Awarded the BITMi seal of approval

    Awarded the BITMi seal of approval "Software Made in Germany"

    PROXIA stands for: 100% service. 100% quality. 100% future.

    The MES software by PROXIA has been awarded the "Software Made in Germany" seal of quality by the IT Federal Association for medium-sized businesses.

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  • PROXIA is a “Best Technology Solution Provider for 2020”

    PROXIA is a “Best Technology Solution Provider for 2020”

    Company is presented with the international award for innovative technology providers

    Industry Era magazine praised for its new innovative XI Gateway technology and the unique Action Manager solution.

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  • Optimising prodution, remotely

    Optimising prodution, remotely

    Overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19 with innovative MES software tools

    The current COVID-19 pandemic has proven particularly challenging to production operations; fast, flexible action is often required to resolve issues. PROXIA is here to help with its innovative PROXIA MES software modules.

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  • Virtual MES Process Consulting

    Virtual MES Process Consulting

    Intelligent Consulting in the virtual meeting room

    Use this time to optimise your production operations! We will sit down with you in the virtual PROXIA meeting room to discuss concepts and software solutions – 100% digitally!

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PROXIA has received the TOP100 Award, Best Technology Solutions Provider and the "Software Made in Germany" seal of approval.

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PROXIA Awarded the BITMi seal of approval Software Made in Germany